Faux curly hair and side braid hairstyle

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday! Sorry this post is so late tonight. I had work right after I finished my hair so I didn’t have time to write it and publish it until now. I’m so excited to start my 12 days of blogmas tomorrow!! I have so many fun posts planned!! Be sure that’s you’re following so you don’t miss a post!

Now onto the hairstyle! If you’ve been following me for a while now then you’ll remember a while back when I posted a makeup look with this super curly hair. Well I decided last night at like 9:30-10pm that I wanted to do those curls again for work tomorrow. It took me two hours to curl all my hair!! I have a ton of hair so I knew it was going to take a minute. And then this morning I decided to add in the braids! If you’d like to know how I achieved this BA hairstyle then keep on reading!


The curls


  • Pencil
  • Flat iron

How to:

  1. Section off your hair. You can do as many sections as you’d like to. I think I did about 4.
  2.  wrap a small section of the hair around the pencil
  3.  Clamp your flat iron down onto the hair. Open and close the iron a few times. DO NOT let it sit in one place.
  4.  Unravel your hair from the pencil, and There you have it the perfect pencil curl!
  5.  After all sections are done, let your hair cool down for a few minutes and then run your fingers through and/or pull the curls apart

*If you sleep in the curls it makes them less tight*


The Braids


  • Comb
  • Clear elastics
  • Bobbi Pins

How to:

  1. Start by parting your hair. I chose to part my hair to the right as usual but a little further over.
  2. Then section the other side (the side of the braids) into three small sections.
  3.  Start by braiding the top section. Just do a tight french braid halfway, to the middle of your head. Or as far as you’d like.
  4. Then stop French braiding as continue regular braiding to the ends of your hair. Tie with a clear elastic.
  5. Repeat this for the last two sections.
  6. Then take the three braids and braid them together, creating one braid that looks like you know how to 6-strand braid.
  7. Tie that off with a clear elastic.
  8. Then take it and Bobbi pin it behind your head. Be sure to hide the ends of the braid underneath some hair.


That’s it! Let me know if you’d wear this look out, and where to? I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow!


♡Brianna Lynn

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